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We are good-food junkies and, in summer 2017, we founded our start-up in Hamburg in order to share our homemade snack-ball recipes with you and the world ;-)
We start out small, always want to live up to our quality standards, and hope we will find enthusiastic customers and lots of new Superball creations in the future.

Raw, organic, vegan …

We do not view these as trendy terms, but rather expressions of modern, conscious and high-energy nutrition.
With raw food, untreated, organic ingredients are a must for us. Why even use animal-based additives when you can get wonderfully valuable ingredients such as proteins through our purely vegetable recipes in the superballs?
Be good to all creatures – this is our religion.


Never snack unhealthy again!

Each SUPERBALL – packed with energy – contains its own "superfood powers" and is thus the perfect "anti-lag companion" throughout the day.

In addition, it is super good, too: you do not have to devour an entire bar or take a bite and then stuff the rest back into your pocket. The practical to-go package can be opened and closed as often as you like and whenever and wherever you need that extra energy boost.

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